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These general sales conditions (General Conditions) regulate ways and sale conditions about SAB Heli Division products (the "Products"). All sale agreements of SAB Heli Division products sold to third parties (the "Customers") are regulated by these General Conditions that are an integral and essential part of every order and confirmation of order.

Sale conditions of your order are that at the time the order has placed.


1. Products: prices and features


Except where it's pointed out, prices of the Products published by SAB Heli Division are VAT (IVA) included for countries within the European Union. Prices of the Products published by SAB Heli Division each time, cancel and replace the previous ones and they are subordinated to Products availability. The shopkeeper reserves the right to confirm or change prices of the Products published in his internet site or in some brochure at the time of Customer confirmation of order.


Technic and functional features about SAB Heli Division Products published by means of our promotional messages and brochure are that ones salesmen communicate to us. The shopkeeper does not take any responsibility for the truthfulness and completeness of this information. Products images are purely as an indication and do not binding.


The Products cannot be given on approval. SAB Heli Division sellers can illustrate the Products but the Customer is responsible for ordered Products and for the conformity of the detailed notes shown by every saleman.


2. Orders - Invoicing


Every Product order placed to the shopkeeper has to be complete in all sides and to include the needed features to determine the ordered Products correctly. Once an order is placed to SAB Heli Division it represents a Customer's contract and therefore a binding contract for the shopkeeper. When the order is confirmed, SAB Heli Division carries out this one.


The Shopkeeper reserves the right to refuse unfinished orders not properly filled in or at an amount below 50,00 (shipping charges excluded). If SAB Heli Division cannot carry out an order (if the ordered Products aren't available) the Shopkeeper will reserve the right to inform the Customer and to return payments to meet the non-supply. In that case the Customer isn't entitled to repayment or compensation. Moreover all prices and purchases available on-line in SAB Heli Division.com are valid only for that kind of purchase and not for retail or catalogue sales.


SAB Heli Division will pass Fiscal documents about the ordered Products when these ones will be sent to the Customer. If the Customer is in possession of his own VAT number and want the invoice in his name, he has to indicate this demand in his order. Failing that, the Shopkeeper will not pass any invoice.


3. Products delivery


All delivery charges will be paid by the Customer. Delivery is usually effected by means of the International Express Mail Service (EMS), the guaranteed worldwide courier service, or of an Express International Courier required by the Customer. Purchases on-line can ONLY be paid beforehand, in order to avoid other costs of takings on delivery. The shopkeeper has always the right to effect products delivery by means of a different service if necessary.


Terms of delivery pointed out by the shopkeeper refer to Products that are in our stores and, even if they are carefully estimated, aren't binding for the Shopkeeper at all; he can later confirm or modify them, according to his own exigency. Any delay in delivery below 30 days isn't entitled to refuse delivery or to claim refund and compensation.


The shopkeeper can supply the Products (though these are part of a same order) through several deliveries but the Customer will pay transport charges once only.


Singular delivery conditions and terms have to be established beforehand and accepted in writing by the Shopkeeper.


4. Special offers and presents


The probable special offers promoted by SAB Heli Division stand until selling out and are always dependent on the Products availability. Special offers aren't cumulative. Gift Products could be in promotional wrapping (boxes, handbooks in line, etc.).


If a special offer includes a free product together with one or more purchased Products, the Customer has the right to this free product only if it is explicitly requested in the Customer's order sent to the Shopkeeper and up to selling out.


No service or change for free Products.


5. Guarantee - Technical assistance


SAB Heli Division shopkeeper guarantees the only material integrity at delivery moment (consequently "SAB Heli Division Guarantee"). Claims relevant to non-conformities of the goods must be made, on pain of forfeiture, within and not later 10 (ten) days from tha goods arrival. If SAB Heli Division guarantee is respected , the Customer has the right to the only replacement of damaged Products on delivery of them, and he isn't entitled to a refund of any further damage. Shipping charges for the replacement of Products will be borne by SAB Heli Division.


According to the previous paragraph 5.1, the Shopkeeper offers the same guarantee of the producer. Technical assistance and interventions under guarantee are effected by producers and in conformity with terms and ways reported in attached records. Particularly the Shopkeeper is not liable to guarantee Products compatibility with Customer's other products and equipments and neither Products suitability for the Customer's specific use.


Except for the fraudulent hypothesis of SAB Heli Division, if SAB Heli Division responsibility is sure, total or partial Shopkeeper's default of his duties included, the Shopkeeper responsibility can't be higher than the price of the Customer's purchased Products and about whom objections have risen.


6. Withdrawal right


According to the art. 5 of Lgs. D. of the 22th of May 1999 n.185, Customer ( when he is qualifiable as a "consumer" according to art. 1 lett. B of Lgs D. of the 22th of May 1999 n.185) can back out of a contract and return the ordered Products without any forfeiture and without stating his reasons, within 10 (ten) working days from the goods arrival.


According to the previous paragraph 6.1, the withdrawal right must be made by the Customer, on pain of forfeiture, by registred letter adressed to SAB Heli Division, Via San Crispino, 47, 47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC) Italy, within 10 (ten) working days from the goods arrival. This communication can also be made by telegram or fax to SAB Heli Division at the telephone number 0039 (0) 0541 812449 on condition that it is confirmed by registred letter within 48 hours after posting telegram or fax.


All returned goods (that are to be perfectly integral and added by the original packaging) have to be allowed by SAB Heli Division Customers Service that will grant a number of authorizations (RMA). When the Customer receives RMA number, he can post the Product to this adress: SAB Heli Division, Via San Crispino, 47, 47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC) Italy. No package on delivery will be considered.



Once SAB Heli Division has received the Products (and have verified their integrity) it arranges for crediting the price of the returned Products (as pointed out in invoice) as soon as possible retaining, where it's necessary, shipping charges that will be at Customer's expense finally.


The withdrawal right in previous paragraph 6.1 can't be asserted by the Customer when all purchased Products are audiovisuals or computer softwares that the Customer has already opened out.

7. Place of jurisdiction

If there is no provision to the contrary for consumer protection (as according to the art.1 lett. b of Lgs. D. of the 22th of May 1999 n.185), any dispute about these general Conditions, will be assigned to the exclusive authority of the Court of Milano.

According to the art. 1341 and 1342 of the civil code, the Customer states he has carefully read and understood and that he accepts in detail the following terms of the General Sales Conditions the Shopkeeper:

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